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This document covers the project budget, making purchases, getting reimbursed, and shipping.

Project Budget

Each team has a budget of $700 to purchase materials, supplies, and resources for the project.

Some materials will be provided in the team work space, but in general you will need to purchase most of the materials needed for prototyping. Budgets cannot be used for non project-related items, including food.

One person on your team should take responsibility for keeping track of purchases and managing your budget.


There are three ways to draw funds from the team budget:

Remember to use a tax exempt form. MIT will not reimburse you for tax. Also using the MIT tax-exempt number for non-class purchases is against the law!

If you are unsure about whether using your budget for a specific purchase is appropriate, please ask the course instructor.

All receipts must be turned in according to the instructions below no later than Monday, May 19, 2014. Receipts must be received by then to be reimbursed.

Use your own cash (most common)

You can use your own credit card or cash to buy items and then be reimbursed afterwards. If all stars align correctly, you might be reimbursed in as little as two weeks.

Request a purchase order

If you are purchasing within MIT see the internal requisition section below. For outside purchses you can arrange to have MIT pay for the items directly.You need to provide the vendor with a purchase order number.

Use an internal requisition form

This is the method of payment to use when purchasing items within MIT (such as the central machine shop) or selected vendors. A vendor list is available at: http://web.mit.edu/ecat/.

Reimbursements (for financial officers)

If you made a purchase using cash (or credit), your team financial officer will submit a reimbursement on your behalf. Don't file it on your own!

To file reimbursements for team purchases, the team financial officer needs to file a RFP on Atlas and turn the physical receipts into the course administrator. These steps are described below:

File a reimbursement on Atlas

When a team member gives you receipts and a cover page, create an RFP using the RFP form on Atlas

Bring receipts to the course administrator

After submitting the online RFP, bring the cover sheet with original receipts to the 2.744 drop box in 3-435, located with the course administrative assistant. If the office is locked please use the envelope on the door of the office. Reimbursements cannot be approved until the original receipts have been received.

Check the status of RFPs

You can check the status of RFPs that you have submitted by navigating to atlas.mit.edu and selecting "RFP Inbox" from the "Inboxes" tab.

Shipping Address

For all orders delivered to MIT, use the following address:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar Street
YourName, c/o 2.744 Team YourTeamName
Pappalardo Lab Rm 3-044
Cambridge, MA 02139

Your order will be delivered to the Pappalardo shop.

When the order arrives make sure you save the receipt/invoice/packing slip and give it to your team financial officer. Please see the appropriate purchasing instructions for details.

Note: UPS typically delivers to the shipping room (in the Stata Center) by 10AM. It usually takes MIT an additional day to bring packages to the shop. Therefore, to get overnight deliveries in one day, you will need to pick up the materials from the shipping room yourself. You can call 617-253-4744 to see if your package has been received.