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Client/Expert Consultant
Matt Duplessie, Founder, president and CEO (email)
5wits productions

Project Brief

5 Wits Productions plans to produce a walk-through adventure experience based on a wide array of classic science-fiction archetypes. Very few of the details have been nailed down, as the plot/script, the environments and architecture, and the guest activities and special effects are all as yet undefined.

Our hope is that you, as our design team, can produce fully functional alpha prototypes of select elements for this SCI-FI experience – whatever you think appropriate. The backstory and scenic surroundings necessary to support your choices are flexible – you can write them in as you see fit.

There are several categories of deliverables you might consider, including group challenges, simulations, and special effects. Some useful suggestions for how you think about these challenges are included in the attached notes.

Here are some general parameters we do know:




General Requirements

Project Workspace
Room 35-307 has benches, a hot wire cutter, sanders, drill presses, a small band saw, and computers. Supplies such as foam core and blue foam will be kept in this room. This will be our primary work area. Remember to never work alone and to wear safety glasses. See the more complete set of shop rules. You will obtain the combinations for the room through a online registration process.

The facilities in the building 35 LMP shop are available during daytime hours, and with permission, you may also use equipment in the Pappalardo lab so long as it does not conflict with 2.007. Morning is usually best.

Reading and media
The art of game design (MIT certificates required)
Elements of successful interactive challenges (.pdf)
Project introduction from the client (.pdf)

Videos from the client's project brief
Introduction to 5wits
Design brief
Classes of gag types

Gag design guidelines (Watch All)

Involves many members of the group in a hands-on fashion

Works well at both minimum and maximum group sizes

Physically interactive - requires motion and interaction

Fits cleanly into the storyline theme

Simple - easy to understand... even if difficult to achieve

Plays off existing archetypes and foundational common knowledge

High "wow" factor - provides a cool visual gag opportunity

Offers repeat playability through variation

Easily "scorable"

Possible to adjust difficulty

Clear point of completion, lots of visual and audible feedback

Lends itself to a timing mechanism

Cycle time predictable within a narrow range

Lends itself to robust construction

Operates without staff oversight

Is self-resetting


Design Materials
Mannequin pictures for use in storyboards