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Write an assessment for the refined sub-system design. Focus on comments that will help to finalize design details for the final implementation.

Before completing this review you will need to check the team's overall system assembly so you understand how this part fits into the overall concept.

This critique asks you to evaluate the form and function of the concept refinement.

For photorealistic renderings, your comments will mostly focus on form-related aspects, such as rendering technique, human use, and aesthetics.

For images from solid models, your comments will mostly focus on function-related aspects, such as ease of operation and fabrication.

For other types of submissions, comment on function-related aspects in the first question set and on form-related aspects in the second question set.

As always, when you have critical comments, provide constructive suggestions on how to improve the work. All reviews will be made available on the course website but, as a reviewer, you will remain anonymous.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept refinement assignment you should read it before completing this review. Also, you may want to read the concept refinement critique description for additional information about this on-line review process.

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