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Alpha Tangerine
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 Fixing the hyperdrivePresentation
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Fixing the hyperdrive storyboard comments

Reviewer 1:

Creative ideas!

Are you going to be choosing one of these challenges to design and work on?

It might have been nice to select one or two of them and focus a bit more on how the guests would interact with the challenges.

It is hard to see how a large group might do some of these challenges.

Are they all going on at the same time?

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Client 2:

I love that you have so many viable ideas here -- the goal in upcoming milestones will be to pick one an nail it.

Can't wait to see where this goes!

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Client 3:

Great ideas!

My thoughts:

- The laser welding game looks cool - but the guns would have to be built like bricks.

People tend to throw things and get abusive with the hardware.


They're known to randomly kick holes in doors.

Because, reasons.)

- The fuel rod game is cool - how would the show sense which rods are where?

- The circuit board game is a great idea - how does this reset between groups?

Different LEDs could light up to illuminate different paths.

- For the control board game ( Christian)

Is this like minesweeper?

- The laser welding with the gantry would be interesting - the pieces of metal that they're replacing would have to be durable.

(See: Holes in doors.)

- Circuit Connection Puzzle - I like servos.

Sadly, not many other people do.

If the servos maintain a connection to the panels while the game is being played, guests might be able to snap the connection.

(Gears, or what-have-you.)

Would they attach and de-tach between games?

- Fuel cells - Very very cool game idea!

How would it reset between groups?

- The hyperdrive window sounds cool - fog machines can be flighty sometimes, but, it sounds like it would be worth it!

- Sound-charged battery: Good Googly Moogly, this has the potential to be exceedingly cool and funny or exceedingly annoying.

It'd probably vary by group (I'm picturing a school group and I'm wincing already...)

- Coolant:

From our experience, liquids are damaging over time.

How would the reset between groups?

- Same note with the mechanic's mess (AKA our office) - How would this reset?

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Overall storyboard clarity and presentation

Reviewer 1:


The handwriting could be more legible.

Perhaps you could have typed the text.

Larger pictures might also be able to show more of the circuit design challenge and more of the engine laser welding challenge.

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Client 2:

Sketches are fine, text is helpful.

Larger images may help convey more intent.

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Client 3:

Great ideas here, and very clearly presented.

It'll be interesting to see where you guys take these.

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