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 Repairing a robot allyPresentation
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Repairing a robot ally storyboard comments

Reviewer 1:

This seems like a fun, sci-fi idea. I would be concerned with the sequence of events not being intuitive to the users. It might take a while before they put all of the steps together and understand the goal. That being said, I do like the complexity and multi-step nature. If you properly cue the users, I think that the multiple stes will keep people involved and interested.

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Client 2:


Great ideas, and very clearly explained.

You all clearly took the advice and the requirements of the project to heart.

The ideas are all very detailed.

- The magnetic solenoid would be interesting to see in action.

Getting the right voltage balance will be the trick here.

- The puzzle piece retraction system looks great - this could all be built very robustly.

I like the whole idea very much.

Arash: - How would all this reset between groups?

Also, does the magnet roam around the whole room?



I'd like to see how the magnets disengaging makes the pegs fall out of the holes - I think in some cases (the lower calf, as you've drawn it) it might just stay put.


-Love the spinning sections idea - especially that they don't rotate independently of each-other.

-For the lever/button robot game, where do the groups see the instructions?

- Ok, yeah, I laughed at the 'tired of drawing robots' line. :P I like them moving the floor tiles around - that could be very neat.

How would they move them?

In troughs in the ground?

If so, is it a trip hazard?

Cool idea though!

Julia: Not bad - would be very simple to produce as we build touch sensors.

I like.

Simple, straight-forward.


Neat puzzle idea!

I could see this being very interesting.

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Client 3:

This is a neat, two stage puzzle -- I think this could be a great game in the adventure experience, it has all the key features.

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Overall storyboard clarity and presentation

Reviewer 1:

The drawings are very pretty and clear. The captions on the side are easy to understand and give

good overall idea of the storyline and user experience. I think that the simple format was also nice. It is very easy to just scroll down and look at each panel. I also liked the use of color in the pictures.

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Client 2:

Well done!

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Client 3:

Beautifully drawn, clear and articulate, one of the best.

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