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 Irradiate all humansPresentation
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Irradiate all humans storyboard comments

Reviewer 1:

My one concern is that there is no computer guidance incorporated to get them through the event. How will they know what to do? Otherwise, I love the tension and adrenaline in this scenario.

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Client 2:

Doug: From what I could make out (see 'clarity and presentation') there is a potential here for some cool visuals.


Awesome laser gimbal concept!

It'd have to be out of people's reach.

If they can slap-shot it, you can guarantee they will try.

Fantastic artwork.

Jason: Cool?

Not sure what this is for, though.


Neat sketches.

What would they do?


Very futuristic and cool.

The laser things are kinda oddly cute.


I'm really sorry, I tried to read them, but I couldn't due to the presentation style.

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Client 3:

Neat idea -- there are some gameplay elements I don't fully understand (for example, how can the laser be moving around randomly threatening people and be manually controlled at the same time?

Or is that two different phases of the game?)

Visually, I think this could be very cool -- everybody loves a laser (or fat beam of light) in a hazed environment.

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Overall storyboard clarity and presentation

Reviewer 1:

The website is visually cool, but somewhat difficult to use. I often felt like there was more room to zoom in on the photos when there wasn't. This detracted from the usability of the website.

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Client 2:

The over-stylized presentation was cute, but sadly got in your way.

I couldn't read or understand what was going on in the images.

I would have gone with some text-based backup on this.

A lot got lost.

Dig the font, though.

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Client 3:

Sweet website work -- that is a pretty flashy interface there.

Drawings are great, descriptions clear, well done.

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