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Hammer & the Gang
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 Space doorPresentation
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Space door storyboard comments

Reviewer 1:

The actual storyboard itself is rather detailed and doesn't leave the type of door and experience as open to different types of concept sketches, but the text next to it does imply that the overall idea is more general and that the concept sketches will go into further detail. I do like the feel of the user experience that the storyboard gives. I think that a dramatic entrance will help immerse the users into the experience.

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Client 2:

Arjun: Great idea here!

I like the game - and it looks like it would be pretty robust.

Wires running to moving objects can honestly sometimes be tricky.

Martin: Cool door!

If the panel on the bottom goes 'down' - we don't have any space in the floor to retract panels.

The floor is only either straight onto concrete or 3/4" thick.

Fang-Yu: I LOVE the spinning door idea.

But no glass.

Please, no glass.

People kick holes in doors for fun at 5 Wits - no glass.

Chase: Awesome.

Just awesome.

I like that you've already thought about actuation.

That could be really cool looking.

Yan: As cool as an aperture door would be - we need to make sure that the doors are ADA compatible and that you can get a wheelchair through them.

Also, we have no space under the floor for any moving pieces or storage - wires only.

Good idea though!

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Client 3:

Laser scanner = awesome.

Cool doors = awesome.

I've actually had many 5 Wits guests comment that amazing doors make the whole thing feel real.

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Overall storyboard clarity and presentation

Reviewer 1:

On my tablet, I had to scroll over sideways to see the full image of the storyboard. I don't know if the same thing happens on a larger screen. I think this page leads in well to the concept sketches, though the back button and home button are confusing to me. They look nice, but the links that they lead to don't seem necessary.

I liked the clarity of the storyboard. It was easy to follow and the annotations helped me understand the idea.

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Client 2:

Very clear and well explained.

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Client 3:

Some interesting ideas, looking forward to seeing them come to life.

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