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Honey Badger analysis
Hannah Huynh   review
Helen Nie   review
Isabella Didio   review
Maxwell Malinowski   review
Thomas Burns   review
Veronika Jedryka   review

Mind Your Manors analysis
Dexter Chew   review
Luis Soenksen   review
Mohamed Kurdi   review
Rakshith Murthy   review
Zachary Stauber   review

My Gear Watson analysis
Guillermo Lankenau   review
Jaya Narain   review
Jessica Ong   review
Julia Sokol   review
Michael Buchman   review
Murthy Arlelekatti   review

Mystery Machine analysis
Carla Li-Carrillo   review
Carrie Beyer   review
Craig Mascarenhas   review
Felipe Oviedo   review
Przemyslaw Krol   review
Sandy R Yuan   review

Poirot analysis
Alexander Van Grootel   review
Chika Eke   review
Rachel Hoffman   review
Shahd Labib   review
Tamer Deif   review
Tony Landek   review

Red Hairings analysis
Anna Leonard   review
Chris Saulnier   review
Morris Vanegas   review
Ron Rosenberg   review
Tristan Swedish   review

Run The World analysis
Lena Yang   review
Paige Kennedy   review
Sunnie Lampl   review
Victoria Tam   review
Wen Zeng   review
Yi-tung Shen   review

Scooby Don't analysis
Andy Kriebel   review
Carmen Castanos   review
Janet Yun   review
Lauren Bustamante   review
Ned Burnell   review

Sherlambda analysis
Abhishek Singh   review
Blair Holbrook   review
David Millard   review
Erin Kellogg   review
Rebecca Gould   review
Tamara Belkina   review

The Jinkies analysis
Eeshan Bhatt   review
Mrinal Mohit   review
Pulkit Shamshery   review
Rebecca Hui   review
Sahil Shah   review
Victor Prost   review

The Outliers analysis
Sean Daigle   review
Shantanu Sinha   review
Shaswat Anand   review
Tanay Nerurkar   review
Yan Han   review
Yugal Jain   review

Those Meddling Kids analysis
Eurah Ko   review
Katherine Tatar   review
Laura Standley   review
Meiji Yue   review
Sydney Carter   review

Two Toed Sloths analysis
Clare Zhang   review
Lesley Wang   review
Rachel Reed   review
Tracy Cheng   review