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Kitchen Faucets

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Research Findings

Faucet Types

Generally there are 4 types of faucets- Compression Valve, Cartidges, Ceramic Discs and Ball Valve. In terms of user interaction, there are two general types- Single Lever and Double Handle. Typical actions involve users to either twist and push the knobs in order to dispense water. Double Handle faucet claim to have better control over temperature and water flow. Additionally, it provides greater convenience to change the handles to the desired look. On the other hand, Single Lever valves provide greater convenience for use because it can control both water and temperature at the same time.

Key User Needs

Basin faucets are for universal use by the general public. With specific height adjustments of the basin to cater to individuals who have problems with lower extremities or younger children. A 2014 survey by Houzz revealed that Americans held high emphasis on kitchen fittings that facilitates faster meal preparation and better hygiene. For faucets, design style and quality are key aspects of selection. Interestingly, price was not an issue. Other websites and forums pointed out serviceability, ease of use and water management. Within ease of use, the control over temperature and water flow have the most emphasis.

Basic Functions

Installing a typical kitchen faucet costs an average $239 USD. With range from $90 USD to $529 USD. Being the most common faucet, we will use a single lever faucet as an example.

An average faucet has the following function:
1) Control: Water flow
2) Control: Water temperature
3) Spout: Direct water outwards
4) Stopper: Plugs the basin

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