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The of-interest links that are on the home page throughout the term are archived here.

May 3
- the color of emotion
- I am an emotional rectangular solid

- Lynda Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials—an outstanding resource.
- 99 feeling forms
- design currency

- presentations that stick

- the difference between successful and very successful
- on-line, collaborative product development
- how hot is your innovation?
- sand sketching

April 11
Group brainstorming technique tutorial
Mechanical jelly fish!
Donald Judd, or cheap furniture?
Dutch department store (view with sound!)
Cutting foam demo
Prototyping experiences

March 19
Sketching and auto design
ID sketching videos
Guidelines for ID sketching
Sketch-a-day (almost!)

2.744 sketching tutorials
visual memory test
pigs in space!

Class notes for web resources from lecture. Lecture slides are posted.
HTML reference website

March 3
What's in a name? See the results!
team and student portfolio pages are online!
brain sex test

February 21
project brief
elements of a successful interactive challenge
the art of game design: designing an experience (MIT certificates required)

February 17
Butterfly ballot redesign: reducing error rate
Symbols: not a genetically modified organism!

on Human use
Minimalism in web design!
Inclusive design
Principles of interaction design
Google maps?
Fitts's law quiz
Unfitt's law

February 11
on Symbol design
Realism in interface/icon design
Olympic pictograms
Sochi Olympic pictograms

Gerd Arntz: 4000 signs
Diamond road signs
Exit sign
Guidelines for making print legible