Brainstorming and prototyping
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The cycle of generating many ideas, distilling general themes from the ideas, and then devising quick tests to learn about the themes is a very effective way to ensure that a project starts off in a good direction. The invaluable step of performing quick tests using simple models is often overlooked altogether!

Structured methods can facilitate this process, helping us to rapidly transition between the right and left brain centered activities.

Time constrained ideate-select-prototype exercises are a good way to improve our technique and develop skills. In this 1 hour exercise, teams of ~6 students were challenged to brainstorm, select, and prototype an interactive, carnival-style game that does not require user instructions. The prototypes were then tested with unfamiliar users.

See the results from class!

Construction paper
Tongue depressors
Rubber bands
Assorted balls
Aluminum foil
Pipe cleaners
Sack of pennies
Empty soup cans
Cardboard tubes
Toilet paper
White paper
2'x3' foam core
1" foam insulation

Duct tape
Masking tape
Double-sided tape
Scotch tape
3' long wooden dowels
Aluminum sheet
Rubber sheet

Olfa knives
Cutting board
Hot glue gun
Steel straight edge
Measuring tape