Lobster Visual Memory Test
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Developing your visual memory is an important part of improving your ability to 'see' ideas and generate ideation sketches quickly.

To develop one's visual memory, one must begin by really looking at objects that are encountered during the course of our daily activities. The most basic thing to take notice of is the overall shape, structure and anatomy... how many legs, how many body parts, is the object curved?, etc.

Once the structure is established, understanding proportion is critical. A lobster can be made to look like a crab, shrimp, or even scorpion by simply by adjusting proportions (Paleontologists have used this trick to try to understand how different species are related to each other using a technique called morphological analysis... see the chapter on transformations in "On growth and form" by D'arcy Thompson).

from On growth and form

Last, one must decide what level of detail is needed to capture the essence of the object. It is very difficult to remember all details.

Ready for a test? Spend 5 minutes drawing a lobster from memory. See the results from class!