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The exercise description will be posted during class.

In the mean time...

Install a program to edit HTML and CSS
Adobe Brackets is recommended, but if you already have a program that you like using, keep on keeping on. Check out the comparison of text editors in Other Resources.

Install Cyberduck or a similar FTP client to upload your assignments
During lecture, we'll go through the instructions to set up Cyberduck. If you're feeling ambition, take a look at the web instructions to get a head start.

Get a web inspector for your browser
Web inspectors let you view and temporarily edit HTML and CSS within your browser. They are very useful when you want to tweak the CSS on your own site or see how other sites achieve a particular visual effect.

Most modern browsers have a web inspector built-in, but they usually need to be enabled in the browser settings. Follow the links below for your browser of choice.