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Materials from 2.744 classes are posted shortly after each meeting. The syllabus has links to the same materials within the context of the overall schedule.

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Tuesday, February 2

About the class: user-centric, creative design (.pdf)
Symbol design and exercise results

Thursday, February 4

Design for human use: Uncommon common sense!
Ballot redesign and results!

Tuesday, February 9

meet the client:
Class introduction and wrapup (.pdf), Project brief, and overview from the client

What's in a name results!

Thursday, February 18

Visualization: ABCs of sketching
Online visual memory game
In-class visual memory test results

Video resources:
Sketching basics tutorials (arcs, lines, circles , ellipses)
One-point perspective tutorials

Tuesday, February 23

Website, schmebsite: Web design 101 (.pdf)
the very basics, and how to upload files to the course website

Please download either:
SecureFX (Windows)
Fetch (Mac Only)

Thursday, February 25

Website, doubly-schmebsite: Web design 101.5 (.pdf)
wirefreames, html, and ccs. Make a simple website

Demo files from class:
1 html file template
2 completed html file
3 css file template
4 final styled webpage (1 page)
5 multiple page site

Zen garden, webpage/css examples
HTML tags
CSS properties

Tuesday, March 1

Sketching in 3D: 2 pt perspective

Video resources:
Basic shapes in 2 point perseptive
Download worksheets


Thursday, March 3

Adding dimension to perspective:
Tone and shade

Video resources:
Basic shading and tone video and worksheets


Tuesday, March 8

It's a wrap:
Shade and tone, Canson drawing

Canson drawing video resources (Pencil sharpener exercise):
Laying in the base tone (.mov, 17.7 Mb)
Pencil highlights (.mov, 10.7 Mb)
Pencil shade (.mov, 12.1 Mb)

More sketching with Scott Stropkay, Essential design

See additional examples by Scott Stropkay.

Thursday, March 10

Fast and furious:
Immersion in sketch modeling

Interactive game brainstorming and prototyping

Tuesday, March 18

Celebrate our work:
Human use showcase!

Rebecca Hui: MBTA #1 bus
Dexter Chew: Kitchen faucets
Chris Saulnier: Autobelay device
Yi-Tung Shen: Dust pan

Thursday, March 20

Beth Sullivan, IC3D
Sketch modeling (.pdf, 29 Mb, certs requried)

Example: blue foam models (.mov, 2.3 Mb)
Example: foam core models (.mov, 1.5 Mb)
Example: large scale models (.mov, 3.8 Mb)
Sketch modeling tools (.mov, 1.2 Mb)

Blue foam: cutting basics/templates (.mov, 6.1 Mb)
Blue foam: complex shapes (.mov, 10.1 Mb)
Blue foam: applying a grill template (.avi, 6.5 Mb)
Blue foam: cutting grill (.avi, 11.1 Mb)
Blue foam: making a sanding block base (.avi, 2.1 Mb)
Blue foam: attaching sand paper (.avi, 2.1 Mb)
Blue foam: using sanding block (.avi, 7.1 Mb)

Foamcore: know the grain (.mov, 4.2 Mb)
Foamcore: bending (.mov, 6.3 Mb)
Foamcore: joining (.mov, 6.4 Mb)
Foamcore: making a box (.mov, 4.8 Mb)
Foamcore: making large panels (.mov, 4.7 Mb)


Tuesday, March 29

hand sketch to digital rendering: Part I
Illustrator rendering (.pdf)

Work files:
- Handicapped Symbol
- Handicapped Symbol Illustrator
- Shaded Cube Illustrator

Video resources from class: Illustrator Tutorials

You can download a one month trial license. It is also an option to purchase license on a monthly basis, or the new media center has machines with illustrator.

Thursday, March 31

hand sketch to digital rendering: Part II
Illustrator rendering (.pdf)

Work files:
- 3 Tone Cube
- Gramophone Sketch
- Gramophone Skeleton Illustrator
- Gramophone Illustrator Complete
- Perspective Exercise

Video resources from class: Illustrator Tutorials

Tuesday, April 5

Work period


Thursday, April 7

Judgement day:
Sketch model review with client


Thursday, April 12

the messenger of experience
form and color

Form development exercise (I am an emotional cube)

Tuesday, April 14

the messenger of experience
form and color

Color exercise (I am an emotional picture)
- color psychology (.jpg)

Exercise resources
- a few Illustrator pointers (.rtf)
- exercise file in Illustrator (.ai)
- a few Photoshop pointers (.rtf)
- exercise file in Photoshop (.psd)

Thursday, April 21

the messenger of the experience

Graphics design exercise

Exercise resources
image options for poster exercise
exercise pointers for photoshop
exercise pointers for illustrator

google fonts


Tuesday, May 3 it's a wrap!:
Discussion of exercises and course summary