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Fall: Medical Device Design

2.75 - 6.525 (G-H)
2.750 - 6.025J (UG CI-M)

Since 2004 this course has brought together Boston-area physicians, industry and MIT engineering students in developing new medical devices.  Physicians and industry sponsors present their challenges and student teams work with them over the course of a semester to develop solutions.

Over the past years, this class has become a highly effective mechanism for generating new research ideas and collaborations with patents filed and many of the projects receiving subsequent funding and accelerating from prototypes to products.

Projects identified to have a significant impact with a viable market can be continued into the spring term for the next level implementation.

2.750 is an alternative to the ME 2.009 requirement

Monday & Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 PM in 1-190

Units: 3 - 0 - 9
Prerequsites: 2.008, 6.101, 6.111, 6.115, 2.678, 22.071, or permission of instructor

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Clinicians - Do you have a clinical challenge that needs a new medical device?

2017 - 2018 Call for Proposals - CLOSED

Proposals from industry sponsors are also welcome, please contact us to discuss.



  • Work on a real medical challenge!
  • Learn the design process
  • Apply mechanical & electrical engineering principals
  • Prototype and test a solution
  • Be mentored by the instructors
  • Learn from industry professionals
  • Develop your communication & presentation skills
  • Possible publications, patents and more ...
  • Explore Past Projects

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Active Companies from 2.75
Mimo Baby, Recon Theraputics, Thor Tourniquet

Course Instructors

slocum with obama

Prof. Alexander H. Slocum

nevan at a waterfall

Dr. Nevan C. Hanumara

gim goes sailing

Gim P. Hom

ellen roche

Prof. Ellen Roche

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Spring - Development of Mechanical Products

2.753 (G), 2.753 (U)

This course is offered as a follow-on to focus on evolving a product from proof-of-concept to beta prototype.

Teams learn skills including project planning, budgeting, models for scaling, tolerancing and reliability, patenting and business planning.

In lieu of taking 12 units of 2.ThU, Course 2 majors taking 2.752 may write a bachelor's thesis that documents their contributions to the product.

Units: 3-0-9

Prerequsites: 2.750, 2.009, or permission of instructor

Student questions? - Please contact the course staff


  • Select teams from the fall may be invited to continue their projects
  • Projects from other classes can only be accommodated by special arrangement
  • Special projects TBD

Unfortunately personal projects cannot be accommodated.

Students wishing to use 2.752 as a senior thesis class must contact Prof. Slocum for approval.

Students are expected to familiar with Fundamentals and machine design before starting class.

Course Instructors: Prof. Alexander H. Slocum, Dr. Nevan C. Hanumara

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