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Fall: Medical Device Design

2.75 - 6.525 (G-H)
2.750 - 6.025J (UG CI-M)
HST.S52 (G)

Since 2004 this course has brought together Boston-area physicians and MIT engineering students in developing new medical devices.  Physicians present their particular challenges then student teams work with them during the course of a semester to develop solutions.

Over the past years, this class has become a highly effective mechanism for generating new research ideas and collaborations with patents filed and many of the projects receiving subsequent funding and accelerating from prototypes toproducts.

Projects identified to have a significant impact with a viable market can be continued into the spring term for the next level implimentation.

2.750 is an alternative to the ME 2.009 requirement

Monday & Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 PM in 3-270

Units: 3 - 0 - 9
Prerequsites: 2.008, 2.70, 2.72, 6.101, 6.111, 6.115, 2.678, 22.071, or permission of instructor

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Clinicians - Do you have a clinical challenge that needs a new medical device?

2017 - 2018 Call for Proposals opens soon!

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Course Highlights

  • Work with a local client on a real medical challenge!
  • Learn the design process & prototype a solution
  • Applied mechanical & electrical engineering
  • Weekly design reviews with the instructors
  • Guest lectures from professionals
  • Presentations throught the course
  • Journal quality final paper and possible patent application
  • Explore Past Projects

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Mimo Baby, Recon Theraputics, Thor Tourniquet

Course Instructors

slocum with obama

Prof. Alexander H. Slocum

nevan at a waterfall

Dr. Nevan C. Hanumara

gim goes sailing

Gim P. Hom

ellen roche

Prof. Ellen Roche

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Spring - Development of Mechanical Products

2.753 (G), 2.753 (U)

This course is offered as a follow-on to focus on evolving a product from proof-of-concept to beta prototype.

Teams learn skills including project planning, budgeting, models for scaling, tolerancing and reliability, patenting and business planning.

In lieu of taking 12 units of 2.ThU, Course 2 majors taking 2.752 may write a bachelor's thesis that documents their contributions to the product.

Tuesday & Thursday 15:00 - 16:30 in 3-442

Units: 3-0-9

Prerequsites: 2.750, 2.009, or permission of instructor

Student questions? - Please contact the course staff


  • Select teams from the fall may be invited to continue their projects
  • Projects from other classes can only be accommodated by special arrangement
  • Special projects TBD

Unfortunately personal projects cannot be accommodated.

Students wishing to use 2.752 as a senior thesis class must contact Prof. Slocum for approval.

Students are expected to familiar with Fundamentals and machine design before starting class.

Course Instructors: Prof. Alexander H. Slocum, Dr. Nevan C. Hanumara

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