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Product Design & Manufacturing

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Design Tools

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Design Articles

  • Wired Magazine 8/24/09 - "The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is
    Just Fine" Download or Link
  • "Peer Review Process" - Marc Graham a PERG Lab Allumni Download
  • "How Complex Systems Fail" - Richard I. Cook, MD, Cognitive technologies Laboratory,
    University of Chicago Download

Case Studies








Ethics & Professional Responsibility

As engineers, we have knowledge and skills well beyond those of most consumers of our work, who must trust us to produce systems that operate safely, reliably, and with minimal negative impact. Human lives can depend upon the quality of our work, and significant economic and environmental consequences can result from things that we do.  Therefore, we as engineers must never put forward half-baked or poorly conceived answers, and we must always have an awareness of both the benefits and the dangers of systems that we design. This is the fundamental responsibility of our profession to our society.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has adopted an ASME code of Ethics as well as provided a Tutorial on how to apply this code.

MIT MechE Policy

The Mechanical Engineering Faculty take great pride in the accomplishments of our graduates, and we encourage all student and graduates to uphold the highest standards of engineering ethics.

For engineering students, professional responsibility begins with ethical conduct on classroom assignments, and it extends to the careful assessment of engineering designs and analyses executed at MIT. The Mechanical Engineering Faculty expect our students to cultivate a sense of professional responsibility while at MIT and follow standards of ethic conduct in their class work.  To aid students in understanding what conduct is not ethical, please consult the MIT Handbook of Academic Integrity.


Purchasing & Prototyping Vendors

Class Purchaing Instructions - VERY Important

MIT is Tax Free

  • Download both tax exempt ST-2 and ST-5 froms from MIT VPS

Lab Shipping Address (do NOT ship to home address)

             Your Name
             MIT Perg Lab 3-470
             77 Massachusetts Ave. (for FedEx & USPS)
             32 Vassar St. (for UPS)
             Cambridge, MA 02139
             Your Number & e-mail for tracking


Vaupell Rapid Solutions - 3D Printing

Protomold & Firstcut - Injection molding & Maching fast!

  • Custom injection molded or machined parts in as fast as 1 day.
  • Contact: Aaron Windseth - 763.479.7683
protocube Obtain a free Protomold sample cube!Our Design Cube has been designed to illustrate important considerations
when designing plastic injection molded parts; showcasing a range of available
surface finishes, examples of bosses, gussets, ribs, and more.  Get yours today!

Project Managament & Teamwork

Team Dymanics

  • Phillips Consulting - So, You're Going to be a Member of a Team..." Download (Class Access Only)
  • Team, Brainstorming & Meeting Tools - Hilary Hanumara, LICSW Download
  • "Turning Student Groups into Effective Teams" Download (Class Access Only)
  • Meyers Briggs Test Online
  • Communication Outcomes from Software Engineering Professionals Download
  • The Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership Program has provided extensive material to aid you in working more effectively in teams and developing your leadership skills:
    Leadership & Teamwork Material (Class Access Only)


Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Wikipedia Link
  • A flow chart (branching tree) showing everything needs to be done to accomplish the goal
  • Dynamic tool
  • Only appropriate for established projects, not clean sheet innovation


Intellectual Property

Patent Searching

  • MIT Patent Serching LibGuide - Excellent Resource!
  • Patsnap - Recommended patent search and analysis engine created by MIT grads and licensed by MIT Libraries for campus use. By following the link you will be able to "Sign Up" for free with full functionality.
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO
  • Wolf Greenfield - "Diversify Your Medical Device Patent Portfolio with Design Patents" Download
  • Course patent template Download

Basics of Patents

MIT IP Policy

  • NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION - MIT Official Policy Download (secure)
    In the case of the 2.75 class any IP will be shared between MIT and the sponsoring clinician's institution. Any royalties derived from licencing wil be shared with the inventors.
  • If you receive financial support (RA, TA) from MIT and invent something in the context of your research MIT has first right of refusal for the IP but, if licensed, you will receive a share of the royalties. If MIT passes on it you and any other inventors have the option of filing independently.
  • If you are self-supported (undergraduate or paying grad) and do not use"'significant MIT resources" then MIT has no claim on any IP unless MIT employees are also inventors, in which case the ownership will be joint.
  • Projects worked on during your own time, with your own resources and using only hobby facilities (Hobby & Edgerton shops), do not count as "significant use of MIT resources" and are your own, provided that they are not closely linked to your research. You do have an option of presenting the invention to MIT to see whether MIT is interested in filing.
  • Projects are best handled on a case by case basis, but remember, MIT thrives on encouraging innovation.