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Medical Resources


  • Minimally Invasive Surgery - Ali Tavakkolizadeh, MD - Presentation (Class Access Only)
  • FDA & Medical Device Development ... Real World Isses - Pamela Wegraff - Presentation (Class Access Only)
  • GPS for the Body - Kirby Vosburg - Presentation (Class Access Only)
  • Ergonomics in Healthcare - Aaron Ross, CPE, Partners Healthcare Occupational Health - Presentation (Class Access Only)

FDA & Medical Devices


MAUDE - Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience

  • This is a database maintained by the FDA to track adverse events reports from medical devices. Studying the failures of existing devices is an excellent means of inspiring new and improved designs.
  • MAUDE SAFE - User-Friendly Database Access - Developed by Nicholas Powley, an MIT Course 2 Grad, for his medical device company, this tool automatically builds reports from the MAUDE databse. You will need to create an account, but reports are free to view, there is a fee to download.