2.810 Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Lectures 2016

Textbook readings are all from the 7th Edition of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology by Kalpakjian and Schmid, Prentice Hall 2014. If you have an earlier edition (6th or 5th), you can see the corresponding pages by clicking on it in the table header.

Additional readings marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be posted online due to copyright restrictions. They are uploaded in the Dropbox folder that has been distributed to the class via e-mail. Readings marked with a double asterisk (**) are extra information and are not required.


Date Lecture Textbook Readings
7th ed — 6th ed — 5th ed
Additional Readings
09.07 Course Introduction skim ch. 1-9
skim pp. 1-33
Gutowski, "Competitive Attributes for Mfg. Processes and Systems"
Hardt, "Manufacturing Processes and Process Control"
"Geometric Tolerancing"
09.12 How is this part made? How the parts were made
09.14 Intro to Processes figs. 23.14, 23.15, 35.20, 35.21
sec. 40.8, 40.9, 40.10
09.19 Process Performance (updated: 2016) pp. 566-589, sec. 21.1-21.6
skim pp. 589-591
* Hogg et al, "Control Charts"
* Lipschutz, "Random Variables" (Chapter 5)
* Young, "Statistical Treatment of Experimental Data"
* Boothroyd, "Design for Manual Assembly"
Standard tables for estimating the necessary factors for plotting control charts
**Gutowski et al, "Thermodynamic Analysis of Resources Used in Manufacturing Processes"
09.21 Machining

Sample Process Plan
ch. 21-27, 36.7, 36.8
skim ch. 36, 38, 39
* Boothroyd et al, "Design Rules for Machining"
**Lieneke, "Tolerances for Additive Manufacturing"
**Polgar et al, "Time Estimation Booklet for Basic Machining Operations"
**Dahmus et al, "An Environmental Analysis of Machining"
09.26 Process Control
Lecturer: Dave Hardt
Control Chart Factors
*Levine et al., "Xbar charts"
9.28 Assembly
Lecturer: Dan Whitney
sec. 37.10 * Boothroyd et al, "Product Design for Manual Assembly"
**GM, "A Machine-paced Line Flow Process"
10.03 Injection Molding - Updated 10.12.2016
Injection molding 2016 (Replaced)
Mahdi Takaffoli lecture slides
ch. 19 "Injection Molding Case Study"
Lienhard, "A Heat Transfer Textbook" (4th ed.)
**Thiriez et al, "An Environmental Analysis of Injection Molding"
* Tadmore et al, "Molding and Casting"
* Boothroyd et al, "Design for Injection Molding"
10.05 Sheet Metal Forming
Lecturer: Dan Cooper
ch. 16 **Reif, "Steps to Building a Sheet Metal Chassis for your 2.810 Car Using SolidWorks"
* Boothroyd et al, "Design for Sheet Metal Working"
10.10 No Class
10.12 Thermoforming (2016) sec. 19.6 (Thermoforming)
ch. 10-12, skim sec. 30.9, 30.10
skim ch. 32 Casting
Watch: Vacuum forming, Plastic cup thermoforming (1st min)
Note on Chvorinov's Rule
**Dalquist et al, "Life Cycle Analysis of Conventional Manufacturing Techniques: Sand Casting"
* Boothroyd et al, "Design for Die Casting"
* Flemings, "Solidification Process"
10.17 Quiz review Kalpakjian pp. 1147, 1149 (process & material energy) (not available in 5th-6th ed.)
10.19 QUIZ 1
10.24 Intro to manufacturing systems (2015) Womack et al, "The Monument of Monuments"
* Hounshell, "From the American System to Mass Production," Introduction, Ch. 6, Ch. 7
10.26 Manufacturing Rate and Time (2015 slides)
2015 Lecturer: Stanley Gershwin

Time Analysis for Manuf Systems (2015)
Additional slides
Gershwin, "Notes on Manufacturing Systems"
**Gershwin, "HP Case Study"
* Kleinrock, "Queuing Systems"
10.31 Additive manufacturing (2015)
Lecturer: John Hart
"Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing Technologies"