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Tickets, cap + gown pickup new!

Need more tickets? Have extras?

Congratulations to Class Officers!

Help out! Senior Gift

Senior Ball Photos

Senior Week

Commencement Notes

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Tickets, Cap + Gown pickup

Pick up your FOUR commencement tickets at 7-121. Remember to bring an ID and the rental receipt for your cap and gown. If you need extra tickets, check out the listing here!

M-F May 17th-28th 9am-4:30pm
T-F June 1st-4th 9am-5pm

On June 4th only, a family member may pick up a student's tickets with the graduate's MIT card or other photo ID.

Pick up your cap+gown at the coop. Don't forget your receipt!

Th-Th May 27-June 3 9:30am-6:30pm
F June 4 beginning 7:30am

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Have extra commencement tickets?

If you have extra commencement tickets, please fill out the form below. If you need extra tickets, see the listing here. DO NOT fill out this form if you are looking for tickets!

I have extra tickets that other people may use!
kerberos username: (eg: blah if your email address is
# of tickets:

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Congratulations to our new Class Officers!

Please congratulate our fellow classmates who will be serving as class officers for the next five years (July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2009)!

Class of 2004 Alumni Class Officers (2004-2009)
President: Reuben Cummings
Vice President: Vanessa Pena
Secretary: Emily Chi
Treasurer: Amal Dorai

Members at Large:
Parul Deora
Nadjia Yousif
Julie Kane
Sean Leonard
Catherine Chen
Margaret Chang
Jacob Faber
Ran Tao
Kunal Surana

A special thank you goes out to our current class officers, who have served
our class well over the past year.

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Senior Gift - we're at 22%!

To help out with the Senior Gift:

The Senior Class project is an opportunity for the senior class to leave its mark. MIT is a wonderful place to pursue original ideas. However, sometimes there just isn't enough funding for a project related to a class, thesis or independent project. The Class of 2004 HUGE ("Helping Undergraduates Gain Excellence") Fund will provide budgetary assistance to undergraduate students who require additional funding in order to turn project ideas into reality. After we graduate, our fund will be administered by the Edgerton Center, under the direction of Professor J. Kim Vandiver.

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Senior Ball Photos

Senior Ball Photos are now online at Use password MIT to access the photos.

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Senior Week Announcements

After you submit your thesis, after the last final exams of your undergraduate career, after you've cleared up those "missing" PE points... it's what you've all been waiting for - SENIOR WEEK!

There's a Red Sox game, a trip to Six Flags, a farewell reception, a breakfast with your favorite professors, and ample opportunities to kick back with old friends and say goodbye to MIT... (please kick back responsibly!)
Full event listing:

Buy your tickets (or get your parents to buy them) now before they sell out!
Interested in helping out with Senior Week?  Come to our next meeting!
Tuesday April 13, 5:30pm in room 10-370
**The Senior Week Committee**
This ain't your granddaddy's Senior Week

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Commencement Notes


Each graduate being awarded a degree will receive FOUR tickets. No additional tickets are available. Tickets will be available for pick-up in the Information Center (7-121) beginning Monday, May 17th. To pick up your tickets you need two things: your MIT ID and receipt of cap and gown rental or purchase.
For more information,

Caps & Gowns

All graduates participating in Commencement must wear a cap and gown or, for those in active military service, the appropriate attire. You can order them at The Coop today for $27 through Saturday, April 24. After April 24th you'll be charged a $25 late fee.
For more information,

Announcement Cards

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Where in the World...

... are you going to be next year? Join our class of 2004 mailing lists:

  • Boston <2004_boston>
  • New York City <2004_nyc>
  • Washington DC <2004_dc>
  • Southern California <2004_socal>
  • Northern California <2004_norcal>
  • Seattle <2004_seattle>
  • Chicago <2004_chicago>
  • Texas <2004_texas>
  • Midwest <2004_midwest>
  • Military <2004_military> new list!
  • Europe <2004_europe>
  • Asia <2004_asia>

Add yourself to any of these lists by going to No spam will be sent via these lists. If your region doesn't exist, email to add it.

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