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How to Take Good Photos

How to take good photos (from

These lighting and camera positions will minimise the feature mentioned - to emphasise that feature instead, simply do the opposite.

  • Round head: Camera eye level, backlight, pose with profile towards the camera
  • Long, narrow face: Camera at high level, diffused main light high, pose full face, head level or pointing slightly down
  • Prominent cheekbones: Camera above eye level, main light at eye level, head tilted back, full face towards camera
  • Thin hair: Camera low relative to angle of head, avoid backlighting, head straight, hair tidy
  • Fat cheeks: Camera slightly above eye level, soft side lighting, head tilted back slightly, avoid full face
  • Long nose: Camera low, main light low and in line with camera, pose full face towards camera
  • Wrinkles: Soft and even front and side lighting, positioned fairly low
  • Scars: Position light so that scar is in shadow
  • Small eyes: Camera below eye level, main light high, pose with head tilted forward slightly, full face towards camera, subject looking at point slightly above camera
  • And finally, a word of warning....All this seems simple - and it is - but remember that everything is relative to the position of your subject.
  • For example, if you are trying to minimise a long and narrow face, you've lifted the camera up, your main light is nice and high but your sitter then tilts his/her head upwards, the effect will be lost!

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