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We have e-mail lists to distribute information to current members as well as fans and patrons.

Current Members

Current members of the choir are subscribed to the section lists for their voice parts, and each of those section lists is subscribed to the main Concert Choir list. If you decide to leave the choir, please e-mail your section leader to let us know. If you remove yourself from the list and we still think you’re in choir, we will contact you to find out why, so it simplifies everything if you tell your section leader that you’re leaving.

All current members of the choir are expected to be subscribed to the section mailing lists, to receive all announcements for the Concert Choir and for the appropriate section.

Fans and Patrons

concert-choir-interested is an announcement mailing list for the Concert Choir, so that our loyal fans and other patrons can be sure to hear about our upcoming events. This will be a low-traffic (probably two to five messages per term) list to announce auditions and upcoming concerts. At the end of each term, we will add everyone subscribed to the four section lists (members who sang in the group that term) to this list. To add or remove yourself, you may use WebMoira or contact us.