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Spring 2019

Recordings of Spring Rituals, as composed and directed by our very own William Cutter. Recorded April 17, 2010, by Stephen H. Owades, in Kresge Auditorium. Sung by MIT Chamber Chorus.

  1. 1. Omne vivum ex ovum (Tenor: Sudeep Agarwala) (mp3)
  2. 2. Lo, the earth awakes again (mp3)
  3. 3. Song of the Sea Priestess (Guest Conductor: Adrianna Tam) (mp3)
  4. 4. Omne vivum ex ovum 2 (mp3)
  5. 5. A little madness in the Spring (mp3)
  6. 6. Love poem for Ostara (Baritone: Daniel Cunningham) (mp3)
  7. 7. Lo, the earth awakes again (reprise) (mp3)