The 21st Conference of the
Japanese Language Teachers' Association
of New England
The 12th Conference of the
Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese

Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
June 23 and 24, 2007

This year's conference commemorates the inauguration of JLTANE at Harvard University just over 20 years ago and seeks to further dialogue and articulation between the college and pre-college levels of Japanese language education in this country.

We are grateful to the following organizations for the logistical and financial support they have provided toward this conference:

The Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University

The Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies, Harvard University

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University

The Japan Foundation

Saturday, June 23  
8:30~9:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast
Session I  
9:30 Emiko Okayasu (Harvard University): An Analysis of Students' Foreign Language Anxiety: A Case Study of L2 Learners of Japanese
10:00 Noriko Fujioka-Ito (University of Cincinnati): Suggestions for Fostering Cultural Proficiency Based on Learners' Feedback from Movie Viewing
10:30 Miharu Nittono (Columbia University): Whaat? We're doing traditional "rakugo"??: The Four Skills and More
11:00~11:15 Break
Session II  
11:15 Special Presentation
Mutsuko Endo Hudson (Michigan State University): Recent Colloquial Japanese: With Special Attention to Honorific Use by Native and Non-native Young Speakers
12:15~1:30 Lunch Break
Session III  
1:30 Panel: SettingStrategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension—How to Develop Materials
Kazuo Tsuda (United Nationa International School)
Kazuto Yagisawa (United Nationa International School)
Jun Fukami (United Nationa International School)
Masatoshi Shimano (St. Paul's School)
2:30 Ikuko Watanabe (Dartmouth College): An Integrated Teaching Method for Intermediate and Advanced Classes, Using the Short Story "Mikan" by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
3:00 Fumi Yamakawa (Harvard University): Punctuation in Japanese
3:30~3:45 Break
3:45 Special Presentation
Carl Falsgraf (University of Oregon): Focusing on Performance: The Role of Assessment in Improving Teaching
4:45 Noriko Akimoto Sugimori (Boston University): Aiming for Better than "Grammatically Correct Japanese"—The Effects of Time Spent in Japan (Visiting Enrollment) on Particle Production in Bilingual Children and Asults)
5:15 Carolyn Morley and Yoshimi Maeno (Wellesley College): Hidden Aspect in Japanese—The Hisory of "ari" and its influence in the Japanese Language Classroom
6:00~8:00 Reception
Sunday, June 24  
8:15~9:00 Continental Breakfast
Session V  
9:00 Holly HK Didi-Ogren (The College of New Jersey): Incorporating Structured Imput into Beginning Japanese University-levbel Courses: Analyzing What Current Textbooks Offer and Developing Supplementary Activities
9:30 Tomoko Graham (Noble and Greenough School): A Thematic Approach to the 5 C's in an AP Japanese Course
10:00 Special Presentation
Masumi Reads (The Woodlands HIgh Schoo, TX): Articulation Between High School and College—The Voice of the Students
11:00~11:15 Break
Session VI Panel: Inplementation of a Japanese Heritage Language Class for Interracial Students
Masayo Ohyama (United Nationa International School)
Masumi Masuya (United Nationa International School)
Kazuo Tsuda (United Nationa International School)
12:15 Hisae Kobayashi (Connecticut College): A Case Study of a Travel Research and Immersion Program at Connecticut College
12:45 Concluding Remarks
Tamae Prindle (Colby College, Chair of the Japanese Language Teachers Association of New England)