21L011 The Film Experience
Professor David Thorburn

Film clips shown in lecture

  1. The Silent Era:
    • Fred Ott's Sneeze
    • Arrival of a Train
    • Sprinkler joke short
    • The Dam Family
    • Black Diamond Express

  2. Keaton and Chaplin:
    • Buster Keaton's Cops - Opening sequence with Keaton behind bars, scene with bomb and the scene where he see-saws.
    • Short sequence from Keystone Cops - cops dragged behind the car.
    • Sherlock JR. - Scene with the motorcycle.
    • Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp - ending.
    • Chaplin's Gold Rush - Thanksgiving scene where Charlie serves and eats the shoe.
    • Chaplin's City Lights - Final scene where the formerly blind woman recognizes him.

  3. Genres:
    • Hitchcock's Psycho - Shower scene.
    • Battleship Potempkin - Odessa steps sequence.
    • Cabinet of Dr Caligari - Sleepwalking monster takes woman.

  4. Hollywood in the 1930s :
    • Ball of Fire: Barbara Stanwyck's entrance into the house of the scholars.
    • The Lady Eve: Barbara Stanwyck studying and annexing Henry Fonda.

  5. American Musical Film :
    • Busby Berkeley - sequence: Dick Powell and a universe of women.
    • Top Hat - Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance to "Cheek to Cheek."

  6. American Film in the 1970s :
    • McCabe and Mrs. Miller - Gunfight on the bridge, young man is killed.
    • The Long Goodbye - The ending where Eliot Gould kills his friend.

  7. Jean Renoir and Poetic Realism:
    • Boudu Saved from Drowning - The ending from the wedding onwards.
    • Grand Illusion - Dinner scene in camp near the beginning.

  8. Italian Neorealism :
    • Bicycle Thieves - Opening sequence.
    • Rome, Open City - Boys return from sabotage.
    • Umberto D - Old men on a bus.