21w.780, Section 1, Mobile Communications

Spring 2007

Ed Barrett (14N-336; ebarrett; 3-6475)
Frank Bentley (bentley)
Dan Bersak (drb)

Tuesdays, 7-10pm
Room 5-217

Students work in small collaborative design teams to propose, build and document a semester-long project focused on mobile applications for cell phones. Assignments also include creating several small mobile applications in addition to the semester-long project. Students document their work through a series of written and oral proposals, progress reports and final reports. This course covers the basics of J2ME and explores mobile imaging and media creation, GPS location, user-centered design, usability testing and prototyping. Course 6 students may take this class for Course 6 elective credit under 6.033.

Java experience highly recommended (1.00, 6.170 or equivalent or permission of instructors).

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