"Ok guys, listen up. This is where you go on the coolest dive you've ever done. Angela and me will keep an eye on you all the time.
Here is the glassfish bowl. It's where we enter the tunnel.  The entrance is small, so go in carefully. We'll go in one by one with me in the lead and Angela in the back.
Hey Hisham! I'm sketching this thing for your sorry ass so pay attention.
Good. Then we go down, following the tunnel structure. There will be light coming in through cracks in the top.  This is the 35 meter exit, where  you all would've had to come up if you'd been diving with someone else.  But you're with me, and you can go as deep as I tell you you can go. So I don't wanna see anyone going up through the first exit, understood? You all follow me. I don't want trouble. Do what I tell you and you'll have a blast.
Now down here is where we come out. We'll wait till everyone is out and then surface, straight up, together.
No, Hisham, we won't go back up through the tunnel. You're lucky I'm even letting you go down that deep in the first place. We go straight up.
Nobody goes up faster than me, understood?
I'll be following my computer and taking us up at a safe speed. We have to stop at 9 meters for decompression. Do not go up till I say so, well unless you're tired of your boring existence...
Hey, Sam, get that worried look off your face. I'll be your buddy, so I'll be right in front of you all the time. Chill out. Hisham and Layal you buddy up and go behind us. I don't wanna hear anyone say they lost track of their partner, ok?
I got it all  figured out. This'll be great."