By Philip Tan

"Simple mission, three checkpoints, one contact. You'll walk from here, to here, to here, then return, same route. Should be less than three hours total mission time."

Which means we'll have to start damned early, if we want to make it back by lunch. The guys'll be tired, hungry and cranky.

"Teo, check with the other instructors when you prep. The other platoons are on similar missions around the area. No point making the groups run into each other."

"Check, Sir."

"Ong, try to get your men a little motivated this time. The OC wasn't very happy last time. He'll be watching this one too."

"Yes, Sir. We'll try to make him happy."

"You'd make me happy if we our weekend isn't burnt like that last fiasco.

Get them to fall in at 0630 tomorrow."