The Party

This is a multi-sequential story describing an apartment party of two college students, Todd and Ian. Navigate the story using the java applet that should pop up in a separate window. Choose a time from 10 PM - 2 AM, and a location in the floor plan of the apartment.

Technical note: The text also has links so that you can follow events. However, if you travel between lexia using these links, the applet will NOT update and reflect the correct time. Ideally it would, but I could not figure out how to make this happen. However, the lexia are clearly marked with time and place, so you should not get lost. At any time you can still use the applet to choose a time and place, and the browser will bring you to the correct place.


Technical note 2: Java has notorious cross-platform problems, if you find my applet doesn't work for you please email me with the browser and platform you are using. If you are on Athena, use Netscape 4.05. At the prompt, type:

% add outland; netscape-4.0 &


Aseem Agarwala