MIT 21W765/21L49

Non-Linear and Interactive Narrative: Theory and Practice

Janet H. Murray

Syllabus / Spring 1997

Assignment Week 3

For February 19


Read/View :


This is a play written as a series of vignettes of different people (all played by the same actress) who at first seem unrelated to one another.

Watch or read the play, paying attention to the interconnections among the characters, and to the tag words or common references used to allow the viewer/reader to make the connections.

Make a small html project (minimum of 5 lexia or web pages) that represents some aspect of the play's weblike story structure. You can make each lexia represent a segment of the text or a place or a character or any other story element. Pay attention to what you choose for hot words. The goal is to create part of a digital interface to the story that will entice the reader to move further into it, and will make clear the connections among the different parts. We will look at all the projects together in class.

Bring the text to class.

Interactive Fiction Syllabus / Spring 1997