Interactive Narrative: Theory and Practice

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Norman Conquest Navigation Exercises

1. Changing Attributes of a Table

Download the student map of the Norman Chronicles from the web, and load the page into Claris Home Page.

Select the Table and examine its attributes.

Use textured backgrounds instead of color to indicate the three different areas.

Change the color of text to allow the interactor to navigate by following one of the characters, like Norman or Annie, from room to room or scene to scene.

Alternately, use color to indicate moments when the same device (such as "enter laughing" is used to pique curiosity about what is going on in other rooms.)

2. Image Map as Navigation Bar

Use links to video stills below to select appropriate stills and combine them in Photoshop to make an image map. Add links in Claris Home Page. How would you indicate which links are active? which is current location?

Alternately, you could draw a floor plan in Illustrator to use as a navigational image map.

3. Animated Gif / Rollover

Use links to video stills below to select appropriate stills for an animated gif which arouses the interactor's curiosity. Or use them to make a peek-a-boo rollover that changes a blank image for a picture of what is happening in the room, inviting you to click and go there.

Links to video stills

annie1.jpg entering dining room from garden



annielix.jpg annie in living room

gard1.jpg conversation in garden between norman and annie



kiss.jpg in living room between norman and annie

leave.jpg Tom leaving dining room


NormanMoment.gif Tom small picture with highlighting

normsofa.jpg Norman in living room



reg_goes.jpg leaving dining toom

sarah-din-gar.jpg Sarah in doorway between garden and dining room

sarah1.jpg Sarah in dining room to corridor doorway

sarah2.jpg making a face



dinex1.jpg dining room empty with time and date superimposed; large canvas