3.022Microstructural Evolution in Materials



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Prerequisite: 3.012

Units: 3-3-6

Course Description: Applications of statistical mechanics, surfaces, diffusion in solids, nucleation, phase transformations, chemical reaction rates for elementary mechanisms, reaction rates in solids.




Lectures: MWF10 (4-231)



Dr. Yoda R. Patta

Prof. Michael J. Cima

Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang


MIT 76-679, x3-4046

MIT 76-653, x3-6877

MIT 13-4086, x3-6471






Office Hours: M2-3, 76-658

Office Hours:  TBD

 Office Hours: TBD






Recitations: TR1 (56-154) or TR2 (56-154)




John Rogosic


Barbara Layne


MIT 4-229


MIT 76-653,  x3-2185






Office Hours: R11-12, 76-658








Laboratory: MWF9-1 (8-107)*




Prof. Geoffrey Beach

Prof. Harry Tuller

Prof. Linn Hobbs


MIT 6-101, 8-0804

MIT 13-3126, x3-6890

MIT 13-4054 x3-6835




Office Hours TBD

Office Hours TBD

Office Hours: TBD


                                    *seecalendar for specific lab weeks.


The course web site, located at http://web.mit.edu/3.022, will be used as the primary means of communicating information to the students. The web site isdivided into the following sections:

·         Administration -- contains this documenthighlighting information related to exams, problem sets, grading, etc.

·         Syllabus -- lecture / exam schedule and topicsto be covered

·         Lecture Notes -- PDF versions of materialpresented in lecture

·         Problem Sets -- weekly assignments and solutionsto previously assigned problems

The web site will be updated frequently and students are therefore stronglyencouraged to refer to it often. Hard copies of lecture notes, problem sets, and solutions will not be handed out in-class. These documents will beavailable only on the web and require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader.Some sections of the web site (Lecture Notes, Problem Sets) are accessible fromwithin MIT only or require authentication using web certificates.


Attendance at all scheduled lectures, labs, and recitations is expected.Students are encouraged to come prepared and ready to ask questions. The lecturer and recitation instructor will also be available during weekly office hours to answer questions on an informal basis.

Additional review sessions will be scheduled during the week preceding each exam. Review sessions will be designed to give students an extra opportunity to ask questions and work example problems. Attendance is at the discretion of the student.

Reading quizzes on-line

You are asked to read the assigned materials before the lecture.  You willbe asked periodically through the semester to answer a multiple choice quiz based on the reading assignment.  This will be implemented through Stellar’s on-line survey tool.  Your ability to answer the questions correctly will be considered in compiling your homework score.

Problem Sets

Assignments consisting of a few individual problems will be posted on thecourse web page on Saturday of each week, unless otherwise announced in class.It is expected that the students will prepare the material covered in theassignments for the following week's recitation. Alternating take-homeassignments or brief (ten minute) quizzes will be given each week. Quizzes willbe given at the end of the Thursday recitations. Each quiz will consistof a problem chosen at random from the previous week's problem set. Quizzeswill be closed book and notes. Graded assignments and quizzes will be returnedat the following recitation.

Extra time will not be given for completion of the weekly quizzes. Studentswill be expected to arrive on time in order to receive the full ten minutes.

There will be no quizzes during weeks when an exam is given. There willbe either an assignment or a quiz in the last week of classes.


A one hour exam will be held during the semester. The scheduled date for this exam is March 20 during an evening specialsession.  The recitation that day (Recitation 9) will not be an official recitation but will be used as time foryou to ask questions in preparation for the exam.  This exam will cover material through Lecture14 on March 19th. A cumulative, three hour final exam will be held during finals week, the date of which will be released by the schedules office after the third week of the term.

Laboratory Reporting

Laboratory reports will consist of a laboratory based "problemset" due on the following dates.

March 5

April 9

May 7

The laboratory based "problem set" will be handed out no laterthan the end of the laboratory session. The construction of the laboratoryreport will be the work of each individual student.


Exam 1






Recitation Quizzes/Reading quizzes


Academic Honesty

Discussion of course materials and weekly assignments and labs is encouraged, except, of course, during examinations and quizzes. Students are strongly recommended to work in groups to develop solutions to problems.