3.022 Microstructural Evolution in Materials



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Lec. 1

Systems, ensembles, and derivation of the partition function (PDF)

Lec1 slides (PDF)

Lec. 2

Derivation of thermodynamic quantities and partition functions(PDF)

Lec2 slides (PDF)

Lec. 3

Indistinguishable molecules, the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, and the ideal gas (PDF)

Lec3 slides (PDF)

Lec. 4

Solutions (PDF)

Lec4 slides (PDF)

Lec. 5

Diffusion (PDF)

Lec5 slides (PDF)

Lec. 6

Fick’s Second Law and introduction to vacancy equilibria (PDF)

Lec6 slides (PDF)

Lec. 7

Substitutional diffusion (PDF)

Lec7 slides (PDF)

Lec. 8

Diffusion in binary substitutional alloys (PDF)

Lec8 slides (PDF)

Lec. 9

Thermodynamic driving force for diffusion (PDF) Run the simulations in your web browser

Lec9 slides (PDF)

Lec. 10

Charged defects in ionic solids (PDF)

Lec10 slides (PDF)

Lec. 11

The Brouwer diagram and understanding complex equilibria between defects (PDF)

Lec11 slides (PDF)

Lec. 12

The mobility of charged defects (PDF)

Lec12 slides (PDF)

Lec. 13

Line defects (PDF)

Lec13 slides (PDF)

Lec. 14

The thermodynamics of surfaces (PDF)

Lec14 slides (PDF)

Lec. 15

Surfaces and chemical potential (PDF)

Lec15 slides (PDF)

Lec. 16

Energy and surface smoothness (PDF)

Lec16 slides (PDF)

Lec. 17

Grain growth (PDF)

Lec17 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 18

Ostwald ripening and coarsening (PDF)

Lec18 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 19

Homogeneous nucleation (Part I) (PDF)

Lec19 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 20

Homogeneous nucleation (Part II) (PDF)

Lec20 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 21

Hetereogeneous nucleation (PDF)

Lec21 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 22

Spinodal decomposition (PDF)

Lec22 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 23

Precipitate growth (PDF)

Lec23 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 24

Interface kinetics (PDF)

Lec24 slides (PDF) 

Lec. 25

Martensitic phase transformations (PDF)

Interface stability during solidification (PDF)

Lec25 slides (PDF)

Lec. 26

Solution kinetics

Lec26 slides (PDF)

Lec. 27

Kinetics, ice cream, and chocolate (PDF)

Lec27 slides (PDF)