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Our Project

The purpose of our project is to investigate lithography as a technique for fabricating nanoscale periodic structures that can be used as metamaterials. Metamaterials are defined as materials that obtain several of their properties via their structure, rather than by the intrinsic properties of their constituent components. Metamaterials have attracted attention for their photonic and phononic properties, and have been studied for potential use in invisibility cloaks.

Project deliverables will include physical 2D and 3D periodic structures fabricated using 3D printing and lithography techniques. We will be using the 3D printer to make macroscale models of our periodic structures. We will then use 1D masks to create 2D periodic structures on the order of 2-20 microns thick. We will then use these 2D structures as molds to make a variety of PDMS phase masks. The phase masks can then be placed in contact with a photoresist film to diffract laser beams, creating a 3D multibeam interference pattern that would lead to 3D periodic structures. For the 3D structures, we will investigate thick resist layers exceeding 50 microns. We may also investigate infiltration of the structures via a sol gel process to create 3D periodic structures made of materials other than photoresist polymer.

After fabricating our structures, we will image them using the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and then test for photonic, phononic, and mechanical properties using methods such as spectroscopy. From the tested properties, we will derive possible applications of our metamaterials, which could include use as photonic crystals, phononic crystals, and/or microtrusses.