3.052 Internet Resources :

Nanomechanics Links :

Nanostructured Materials : Graduate Course (RPI)

Cool Nanomechanics Animations, Movies, and Simulations on the Internet :
(*in the order in which they appear in the lectures)

Damped Harmonic Motion Java Applet (U. Alberta, CA)
Simple Harmonic Motion Java Applet (www.explorescience.com)
Driven Harmonic Motion Java Applet (www.explorescience.com)
Force versus Distance Animation (U. North Carolina)
Atomic Force Microscope Visualizations (IBM Almaden)
First Atomic Force Microscope on Mars Visualizations (U. Basel, Switzerland)

Bond Energy and Force Animation (U. Michigan)
Intermolecular Forces Animation (Georgia Southern University)
London Force Animation (Western Oregon University)
Van der Waals simulation movie(Wellesley U.)


Water simulations(New York University)
Movies of Liquid Water and Ice(Ohio State)
Dissolving of salt by water simulation (Wellesley U.)

Online Macromolecular Museum-Illustration of Bonding in Proteins (California Lutheren University)
Molecular dynamics movies including collapse, swelling, reptation, and protein folding,(Boston University)
Brownian Motion Simulation (U. Minnesota)
Two-Dimensional Random Walk Simulation (Furman University)
One and Two-Dimensional Random Walk Simulation (U. Kentucky)
Simulations of Unfolding Titin Immunoglobulin Domains (U. Illinois-Urbana Champaign), (*jump directly to movie here)
Overstretching DNA beyond its B-form contour length with optical tweezers : Movie (UC Berkeley)
Overstretching DNA beyond its B-form contour length with optical tweezers : Movie (U. Minnesota)

Molecular Dynamics Study of Scanning Force Microscopy on Self-Assembled Monolayers (U. Basel)

Nanoindentation movies (U. North Carolina)

Neutrophil Rolling on Endothelial Cell Animation (U. Birmingham, UK)
Neutrophil Rolling on Endothelial Cell Movie (U. Birmingham, UK)
Neutrophil Rolling on Endothelial Cell High Resolution Images (U. Birmingham, UK)
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Streptavidin-Biotin Unbinding (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany)

Molecular Motor Animation: Actin - Myosin (San Diego State University)
Molecular Motor Simulations (U. Munich)
Direct Observation of One-dimensional Diffusion and Transcription by E.Coli RNA Polymerase : Movie (UC Berkeley)
Molecular Motor Movie :"Transcription against an Applied Force" Hong Yin, Michelle D. Wang, Karel Svoboda, Robert Landick, Steven M. Block, and Jeff Gelles Science (1995) vol. 270, pp. 1653-1657 (Brandeis U.)
Molecular Motor Simulations : Kinesin & AMP-PNP: The Movie (Brandeis U.)

Cell Movement Movies : Crawling Neutrophil Chasing a Bacterium (Harvard Medical School)
Cell Movement Movies : Reptation of Fluorescently-Labeled Microtubule in Unlabeled Filamentous Actin Matrix (Harvard Medical School)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Fracture at the Atomic Level (IBM Almaden)

(1) Dynamic Excitation of Membranes Using Optical Tweezers, (2)Expulsion of inner content from membranes by use of optical tweezers. (3) (Weizmann Institute, Israel)