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Plasma Cutting

3.37 Welding & Joining Processes
3.371J/13.391J Fabrication Technology

Selected Comments from Previous Students

3.37 Course Outline 3.371 Course Outline

Instructor Administration
Prof. T. W. Eagar, Sc.D., P.E.Jerilyn Hill
(617) 253-3229(617) 258-5793
Room 4-136Room 4-134

Class Times
7:00AM Breakfast in 4-133up to 25 class sessions
7:30AM 3.37 Lecture in 4-231as instructor's schedule permits, Monday thru Friday
8:20AM 3.371 Lecture in 4-231September, October, possibly into November

read what interests you, skim the rest
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DVDs of the Lectures are available upon request.

Grading: A through F
I. skim handouts, attend class and participate.
   Students may also watch any of the lectures online
    or on DVDs which can be borrowed from Ms. Hill.
II. ten-page term paper on topic agreed upon with instructor
   problem set consisting of ten open-ended problems
III. there are no quizzes.

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