February 6 Introduction to Themes, Places, and Resources

Transferring Knowledge: A Web-Based Resource for Planning Mill Creek

February 11 Open House: Springfield IAP Course (5:30, 7-307)

February 13 HCED Luncheon Seminar: Ceasar McDowell on the Springfield Initiative
(12:30-2, 10-401)

February 13 The West Philadelphia Landscape Project: A Framework for Action

February 20 WPLP Website: Media Technology and Planning

Due Online: Websites for Class Discussion

February 22-24 Field Trip to West Philadelphia: Understanding the Neighborhood

February 27 Review Philadelphia Trip: Professional Expertise and Local Knowledge

March 6 How Can Media Technology Advance a New Phase of Planning for Mill
Creek? Re-Presenting Mill Creek to Residents and Planners: Proposals for a
New WPLP Website for Those Who Live or Work in Mill Creek

Transferring Knowledge: A Web-Based Resource for Planning Brightwood/Northend

March 8-9 Field Trip to Springfield

March 13 Review Springfield Trip

March 15-17 Community Design Studio Conference, Harvard GSD

March 20 What Can the Brightwood/Northend Communities (and other communities)
Learn from WPLP

April 3 Proposals for a New WPLP Website for Other Communities

Implementation: A Web-Based Resource for Planning and for Transferring Knowledge

April 5/6 Workshop: Launching the Implementation Project

April 10 Review of Projects-in-Progress

April 17 Review of Projects-in-Progress

April 24 Presentation and Discussion of Websites


May 1 Presentation, Discussion, and Dinner with Philadelphia and Springfield