General Info:

Just a short stair climb from Talbot, 41W is located on the forty-first floor of EAsT camPUS’s Best Parallel. Our floor is separated into three sections: Wood, Hayden, and Munroe, each featuring their own unique murals, residents, and smells. We have 4 cats, a couple non-cats, several furries, and a pancake chef/GRT.


Black Light Lounge (BLL)

Located between Munroe and Hayden, the BLL is lit by blacklight and repainted every year for the incoming first-years to desecrate. It features an exercise pole, some nice couches, a projector set-up, Gretchen’s kick-ass speakers, a chess board table, and serves as our dance floor for parties.

White Light Lounge (WLL)

Located just outside the kitchen, the WLL often hosts video games, movie nights, the inconsistent TEAsday, a desk, our bar, a free food table (FFT), and experimental popcorn.


Considered the neatest kitchen in EC, ours contains 3 stoves, a snoopy waffle maker, a table which Omar keeps well-oiled, a toaster, a toaster oven, a water heater, a normal microwave, an angry microwave, a couple rice cookers, and a communal shelf fully stocked by our Kitchen Bitch with spices and non-perishables. There is no communal cookware, because 41W is not a fucking commune.