East Kämpüs 41st West

You are here.

This is the 41st Floor of the West Parallel of the East Kämpüs Allumni Memorial Häuses, and the abode of Larry Psyches.

Warning: We are not politically correct.

A cooridor: long, narrow. A large cat from Wonderland smiles as you walk towards the kitchen.

You idiot, there are knives in there... Turn around.

The walls are adorned:

The people are friendly:

Lewis with knife and orange juice. It must be Thanksgiving.

...when they are conscious...

Dan having a party.

And they keep themselves busy:

Bob, hosting his informative talk show, FBUTA.

Celester the Molester. She looks nice...

Some of our alumni and furniture become famous rock stars.

The world-renouned Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives,
performing their hit "I Wish We Were Dead" at the Senior House Steer Roast

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