Photo Credit: Wen Zeng

Laila Shehata '16

I lived in Bexley my freshman year and the unexpected decision to close our dorm, followed by a year of minimal updates, inspired me to join the UA and work to increase transparency in the administrative decisions that affect student life.

This year I am serving as the chair of the UA's MIT2030 committee, which has given me the opportunity to collect and integrate student feedback into the Bexley interim site plan.

I am also a member of the Chancellor's Housing Advisory Council and the Committee on Undergraduate Programming, and will be representing undergraduates on the West Campus Planning Committee later this year.

These opportunities have allowed me to develop working relations with senior administrators and have given me insight into how to gather and present student opinions in a way that ensures they are taken into account.

I believe I have the experience to serve as UA President, and that if elected, Robert and I will be able to make the UA relevant and use its reach to build MIT's community.

Robert Mahari '17

I was born and raised in Switzerland where I attended an International School. I decided that I wanted to come to MIT in the summer of my junior year in highschool when I came to Boston to do research.

I joined the UA my freshmen year as chair of the Special Projects Committee in an attempt to get a grasp on how the place I now call home is run and how I can implement changes to make it better. I started an international innovation project which occupied me over my freshman summer, working on making it possible for MIT students to work internationally in both an innovative and entrepreneurial way.

Upon my return I began serving on the MIT 2016 Steering Committee - tasked with commemorating MIT’s 100 year anniversary of moving from Boston to Cambridge. From this sprung a project to renovate W20 and make it a useful space for our community which is now being discussed and slowly realized. I am also serving on the Ad-hoc Committee on Mural Policy to represent undergraduates, our culture and our rights.

I want to give all of us the voice and representation we deserve on our campus and help ensure that the UA is a trustworthy body that advocates on our behalf.