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6.004 Build Tree

How do I compile?

Well, if everything goes right, you should be able to do the

	make depend; make

and everything will work automagically. However, this build tree might
require GNU make. If so, you may need to subsitute gmake more make in
the lines above

This will leave all sorts of scattered executables in the
directories. You can run them from there or copy them to any directory
you wish. They are all pretty-much standalone.

How do I hook up to my Maybe hardware?

There needs to be a device in your /dev directory called
/dev/maybe. It should be a link to the serial port on which your maybe
is located. For example,

	ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/maybe

will link the Maybe to COM1: on Linux machines.

Note: the /dev/ttyS0 needs to be readable and writable by you. This
might require changing the permissions on the device.


Maybe/    - Assorted data files used in the course
bmaybe/   - Beta Front end to Beta running on the Maybe hardware
bsim/     - Beta Simulator (directly in software)
lib/      - Device-dependent support is here
maybe/    - Maybe Hardware test software (testio, testdram)
sim/      - Maybe Simulator (microcode level)
ssim/     - S-Machine Simulator (directly in software)
supsim/   - bmaybe running on a virtual maybe (simulated ala sim)
	  - you can now frob everything from Beta to the Control Roms!
uasm/     - Assembler of 6.004 .uasm files


I did not write most of this code. While I can help you with problems
and porting, please do not flame me for the code contained herein.

-Costa Sapuntzakis