Lab: Team Management

6.005 Elements of Software Construction
Fall 2008
Due: Wednesday, November 19

In this lab, you will learn how to work better as a team. You will learn how to run effective and efficient team meetings, and you will create a team contract that establishes the goals and conventions your team will abide by.

Effective Meetings


Meeting Planning Checklist

Purpose of Meeting

Orchestrate the Roles

Set the Agenda

Opening the Meeting

Ending the Meeting

Meeting Action List

Action lists are one way to record group decisions and track progress. Here is one example of an action list format that your team may find helpful.

Starting with the sample agenda below, conduct your first team meeting right now. Add to the agenda as you see fit (for example, to start discussing the actual project). Record your meeting minutes as a text file in the team folder of your group's shared Subversion respository for this project.

Team Contract

A team contract is an agreement between you and your teammates about how your team will operate -- a set of conventions that you plan to abide by. The questions below will help you consider what might go into your team contract. You should also think back to good or bad aspects of team project experiences you've already had.

Your contract doesn't have to answer all the questions below. Focus on the issues that your team considers most important.


Meeting Norms

Work Norms

Decision Making

Create a team contract, and record it as a text file in the team folder of your group's shared Subversion respository for this project. If not all of your team members are present, then consider it a tentative contract for now, and decide how you will finalize it with your remaining team members.

Checkpoint. Find a TA or LA or another member of the course staff, and discuss your team contract with them.

Commit Your Results

This is the end of the lab. Be sure to commit your minutes and your team contract to your group repository, and make sure everybody knows when and where your next team meeting will be.

This lab has been adapted from material created by Diane Soderholm and Lori Breslow.