6.012 Spring 2007
Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

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    Lecture Notes and Schedule

    Lecture 1 Feb. 6 overview of 6.012
    Lecture 2 Feb. 8 intro to semiconductors: electrons and holes, donors and acceptors
    Lecture 3 Feb. 13 carrier transport: drift and diffusion
    Lecture 4 Feb. 15 electrostatics in semiconductors; the "60 mV rule"
    Lecture 5 Feb. 22 p-n junction electrostatics in thermal equilibrium
    Lecture 6 Feb. 27 Introduction to MOS, MOS Capacitor
    Lecture 7 March 1 MOS capacitor under bias
    Lecture 8 March 6 MOSFET: I-V Characteristics
    Lecture 9 March 8 MOSFET: backgate and saturation
    Lecture 10 March 13 MOSFET: small signal model
    Lecture 11 March 15 Digital Logic Concepts
    Lecture 12 March 20 NMOS/Current Source Load
    Lecture 13 March 22 CMOS inverter: propagation delay
    Lecture 14 April 3 p-n junction diode I-V characteristics
    Lecture 15 April 5 p-n junction: short base approximation
    Lecture 16 April 10 p-n junction: static model
    Lecture 17 April 12 Intro to BJT
    Lecture 18 April 19 BJT electrostatics
    Lecture 19 April 24 single-stage amplifiers: common source/emitter
    Lecture 20 April 26 single-stage amplifiers: common base/gate and common collector/drain
    Lecture 21 May 1 frequency domain analysis
    Lecture 22 May 3 voltage gain frequency response, Miller approx
    Lecture 23 May 8 Open Circuit Time Constants: CG and CD
    Lecture 24 May 10 Multistage amplifiers
    Lecture 25 May 15 DC coupling, voltage/current sources and current sinks
    Lecture 26 May 17 analyzing complex circuits, Wrap-up


    Web Lab 1Web Lab 1PN Diode CharacterizationFeb. 7Feb. 14
    Problem Set 1PS1 SolutionsDoping, Drift and Diffusion CurrentsFeb. 14Feb. 21
    Problem Set 2PS2 SolutionsPN Junction ElectrostaticsFeb. 21Feb. 28
    Problem Set 3PS3 SolutionsPN, MOS CapacitorFeb. 28Mar. 9
    Problem Set 4PS4 SolutionsMOSFET and Digital LogicMar. 16Mar. 23
    SPICE Tutorial SPICE Tutorial
    Design ProjectSolutionsInverter Design and OptimizationMar. 21Apr. 13
    Problem Set 5PS5 SolutionsDiodeApril. 4Apr. 13
    Problem Set 6PS6 SolutionsTransistorApr. 13Apr. 20
    Problem Set 7PS7 SolutionsSingle Stage AmplifiersApr. 27May 4
    Weblab 2SolutionsAmplifiersMay 2May 9
    Problem Set 8PS8 SolutionsSingle Stage Amplifiers - Frequency ResponseMay 4May 11
    Problem Set 9PS9 SolutionsMulti Stage Amplifiers - Frequency ResponseMay 11NA

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