6.02 Spring 2009

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Feb 02 Registration Day No class L01: Metrics for communication systems. The digital abstraction. Basic recipes for transmitting information. R01:
Feb 09 L02: Real-world wires: inter-symbol interference, eye diagrams, LTI models, superposition. R02: L03: Unit-sample response, convolution sum, deconvolution.
Lab #1 due (clock and data recovery)
Feb 16
Mon: President's Day, Tue: Monday schedule
L04: Noise: Gaussian models, normal PDF, bit errors
L05: Normal random variables, CDF and estimating error rates, ISI effects
Lab #2 due (impulse response)
Feb 23 L06: Decision feedback equalization R05: L07: Error detection: hamming distance and parity, checksums, CRCs
Lab #3 due (data transmission)
Mar 02 L08: Error correction: (n,k) block codes, parity-based correction schemes, interleaving R07: L09: Convolutional coding Evening
Mar 09 L10: Viterbi's algorithm R08: L11: Channel sharing on LTI wires using sinusoids.
Lab #4 due (error detection, BER)
Mar 16 L12: Frequency Response and Filters R10: L13: Poles and Zeros and Frequency Response
Lab #5 due (error correction)
Mar 23 Spring Break
Mar 30 L14: Signal Spectrum, Fourier Series and the Discrete Fourier Transform R12: L15: Modulation and Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)
Lab #6 due (filtering, FFTs)
Apr 06 L16: Modulation Schemes and FDM R14: L17: Intro to networking, resource sharing and switching principles
Lab #7 delayed (Spectrum and FDM experiments)
Apr 13 L18: Time division multiplexing, slotted vs. contention-based protocols R16:
Lab #7 due (Spectrum and FDM experiments)
L19: CSMA MAC protocol Evening
Apr 20 Patriots Day L20: Network layer: addressing, forwarding, routing
Lab #8 due (packet wireless)
Apr 27 L21: Routing (cont.) R18: L22: Transport layer: reliable data delivery (loss recovery and windowing)
Lab #9 due (link-state routing)
May 04 L23: Transport layer (cont.), designing large networks R20: L24: Lossless source coding, variable-length codes, compression
Lab #10 due (reliable transport protocol)
May 11 L25: Lossy source coding, perceptual coding R22: L26: Course wrapup R23:
May 18 Quiz 3: Monday, May 18, 1:30p - 3:30p, Johnson Upstairs

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