6.02 Course Information

Prerequisites 8.02, 18.03, 6.01
The labs require some familiarity with Python.
Units 4-4-4
Requirements satisfied: 1/2 Institute Lab, 6 Engineering Design Points
Lectures MW2 (34-101)
1TR 1013-5101Chris Terman
2TR 1113-5101Chris Terman
3TR 15-233Mythili Vutukuru
4TR 25-233Mythili Vutukuru
5TR 138-166Vladimir Stojanovic
6TR 238-166Vladimir Stojanovic
Duties Name Email at mit.edu Office Phone
Lectures Hari Balakrishnan hari 32-G940 x3-8713
Chris Terman cjt 32-G790 x3-6038
Jacob White white 36-817 x3-2543
Recitations Vladimir Stojanovic vlada 38-260 x4-4913
Chris Terman cjt 32-G790 x3-6038
Mythili Vutukuru mythili 32-G982 x3-7341
TAs Yajun Fang yjfang -- --
Philip Godoy godoy -- --
Yunjie Ma yunjiema -- --
Lavanya Sharan l_sharan -- --
Admin Chris Terman cjt 32-G790 x3-6038
There are weekly assignments, posted on the website most Wednesdays and due the following Wednesday by 2359. Each week you'll be asked to work on
  • on-line problems to be completed by the deadline -- use the "On-line tutor" link in the nav bar to the left to access the questions. The on-line system will give you immediate feedback about your answers; you can resubmit corrections to your answers. Sorry, no late points are possible for this part of the assignment.

  • design tasks to be submitted on-line before the deadline. You can work on the designs using your own computer or the Athena workstation cluster located in 32-083. The course staff will be hold their office hours in 32-083 at various times throughout the week (schedule will be posted).

    Some of the design tasks are intended to be more challenging and open-ended. Completion of these tasks is a good way to show that you should be considered for an "A" in the course; they provide points that can be used to offset less-than-perfect performance on the quizzes.

  • sample interview questions. Completing each design task earns points that count toward your final grade. Points are determined during a short interview with a member of the course staff. This interview happens during staff office hours and can occur after the lab's due date, but to receive full credit it must be completed within one week of the due date.
You must complete the interview for each lab as a prerequisite for passing the course. A missing interview will result in a failing grade; incompletes will not be given for unfinished laboratory work.

Late policy: Unless you have a note from Medical or the Deans, there is a 20%/day penalty for late on-line check-in of design tasks and/or late completion of the interview. Short extensions for up to two of the deadlines are possible, but only if arranged for in advance -- talk to your recitation instructor.

Collaboration policy: The assignments are intended to help you understand the material and should be done individually. You're welcome to get help from other students and the course staff but the work you hand in must be your own. Copying another person's work or allowing your work to be copied by others is a serious academic offence and will be treated as such. We do spot-check your submissions for infractions of the collaboration policy so please don't tempt fate by submitting someone else's work as your own; it will save us all a lot of grief.

Quizzes There are three quizzes:
    Thursday, March 5, 7:30p - 9:30p, room 50-340 (Walker Memorial)
    Thursday, April 16, 7:30p - 9:30p, room 50-340 (Walker Memorial)
    Monday, May 18, 1:30p - 3:30p, Johnson Upstairs
Grading Your final grade will be determined by a weighted average of the following:
    3 Quizzes: 45% (15% each)
    10 PSets: 20% (2% each)
    10 Labs: 35% (varies by lab)

To review your current scores use the "On-line tutor" link in the nav bar to the left.