Package startup

Class Similarity

  • public class Similarity
    extends Object
    A [TODO mutable?] measure of similarity between multi-interval sets of Strings.

    An instance of Similarity uses a client-provided definition of label similarities, where 0 is least similar and 1 is most similar.

    Given two multi-interval sets, let min be the minimum start of any of their intervals, and let max be the maximum end. The similarity between the two sets is the ratio: (sum of piecewise-matching between the sets) / (max - min)

    The amount of piecewise-matching for any unit interval [i, i+1) is:

    • 0 if neither set has a label on that interval
    • 0 if only one set has a label on that interval
    • otherwise, the similarity between the labels as defined for this Similarity instance

    For example, suppose you have multi-interval sets that use labels "happy", "sad", and "meh"; and similarity between labels is defined as:

    • 1 if both are "happy", both "sad", or both "meh"
    • 0.5 if one is "meh" and the other is "happy" or "sad"
    • 0 otherwise

    Then the similarity between these two sets:

    • { "happy" = [[0, 1), [2,4)], "sad" = [[1,2)] }
    • { "sad" = [[1, 2)], "meh" = [[2,3)], "happy" = [[3,4)] }

    would be: (0 + 1 + 0.5 + 1) / (4 - 0) = 0.625

    PS2 instructions: this is a required ADT class, and you MUST NOT weaken the required specifications. However you MAY strengthen the specifications and you MAY add additional methods.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Similarity

        public Similarity​(File similarities)
                   throws IOException
        Create a new Similarity where similarity between labels is defined in the given file. Each line of similarities must contain exactly three pieces, separated by one or more spaces. The first two pieces give a pair of strings, and the third piece gives the decimal similarity between them, in a format allowed by Double.valueOf(String), between 0 and 1 inclusive. Similarity between labels is symmetric, so the order of strings in the pair is irrelevant. A pair may not appear more than once. The similarity between all other pairs of strings is 0. This format cannot define non-zero similarity for strings that contain newlines or spaces, or for the empty string.

        For example, the following file defines the similarity function used in the example at the top of this class:

         happy happy 1
         sad   sad   1
         meh   meh   1
         meh   happy 0.5
         meh   sad   0.5
        similarities - label similarity definition as described above
        IOException - if the similarity file cannot be found or read
    • Method Detail

      • similarity

        public double similarity​(MultiIntervalSet<String> a,
                                 MultiIntervalSet<String> b)
        Compute similarity between two multi-interval sets. Returns a value between 0 and 1 inclusive.
        a - non-empty multi-interval set of strings
        b - non-empty multi-interval set of strings
        similarity between a and b as defined above