Log of Changes to the 6.033 Web Pages

5/20/95: Handout 36 slightly modified, 7:36PM.

5/19/95: Handouts 33, 34, 35, and 36 added.

4/26/95: Handout 28 corrected: Problem 2a should read "800 packets per second" and NOT "800 packets per minute."

4/25/95: Handouts 27 and 28 added.

4/23/95: Handout 24 added.


  1. Handout 25 (6.033 Errata) and Handout 26 (Assignment for 4/24-5/1) added.
  2. HTML version of Handout 22 modified; URLs in Bibliography changed to links.


  1. Design Project #1 ENCOUNTER page updated with a longer list of references, to support an upcoming handout.
  2. Handout 21 modified. Just the first paragraph changed.
  3. Handout 22 and Handout 23 added.

4/11/95: Handout 21 added to handout page.

4/3/95: Handouts 19 and 20 added to handout page.

3/30/95: Additional, interesting BAD link added to Design Project #1 ENCOUNTER page.

3/21/95: Missing text from Reading #23 added to home page.


  1. Handout 11 (Quiz 1) added to handout page.
  2. Handout 13 (Quiz 1 Solutions) added to handout page.
  3. Handout 14 (FAQ on Social Security Numbers) added to handout page.
  4. Handout 15 (new calendar "6.033 At a Glance") added to handout page.
3/13/95: Student page updated.

3/11/95: Home page and handout page made more compact.

3/10/95: Handout 9 (Design Project #1) and solutions to Sample Quiz 1 posted.

3/2/95: Student page updated.


  1. Handout 4, the assignment for 2/23-3/3, updated to include the reading numbers for the Birrell's paper on programming with threads (reading #14) and Birrell and Nelson's paper on implementing RPC (reading #16).
  2. Student page updated.

  1. Student page updated to reflect one transfer between sections.
  2. All instances of "click here..." changed to "follow this link."
  3. FAQ updated with information on electronic submissions of one-page assignments.

2/20/95: All web links to files within the 6.033 locker updated to use local file references rather than full URL's. This way they can be used via the SIPB server or by direct file loading of the home page from Athena workstations if the MIT server is down.

2/20/95: FAQ updated with question and answer on adding 6.033 late.

2/18/95: Recitation sections page added. This page shows the time, place, instructor, and TA for each available recitation section.


  1. Staff page updated: New TA Loren Shih added. Loren is the TA for Robert Bedichek's recitation section, Section 9 (TR1, Room 36-839).
  2. Page with excellent reading reports created.

  1. The student page has been updated.
  2. A page for the Writing Practicum has been created.
  3. This log has been created.
  4. There is a new recitation section, Section 9, TR1, in Room 36-839. Robert Bedichek is the instructor.
  5. The 6.033 FAQ page describes the format of the one-page assignments.

Errata in Handouts

Handout 1: Administrivia

  1. Bill Dally's e-mail address is billd@ai.mit.edu not bdally@ai.mit.edu.
  2. Mike Hawley's e-mail address is mike@media.mit.edu not hawley@media.mit.edu
  3. Brent Phillips is the TA for Section 3 (TR 1 Saltzer), not Todd Dampier.
  4. Todd Dampier is the TA for Section 6 (TR 12 Hawley), not Brent Phillips.
Handout 2: Assignment for 2/8-2/14

The last name of the author of the Therac-25 paper, Leveson, is misspelled as "Levenson."

Handout 4: Assignment for 2/23-3/3

The last name of the invited lecturer, Robert Metcalfe, is misspelled. It should end with the letter "e."

Handout 20: Assignment for 4/11-4/21

The title of the version released on 4/3/95 said it only described up to 4/19, when in fact the text of the handout describes up to 4/21. This has been fixed.

Handout 21: Notes on Design Project #1

The first paragraph changed on 4/12/95. This handout was released on 4/11/95.

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