6.033--Excellent reading reports

Each week we select one reading report from all reports submitted. The criteria are that it should be well-written and technically insightful. The selected report gives a good example of one possible approach to the assignment.

The selection procedure is as follows. Each TA selects one report he or she especially likes, and out of these Frans Kaashoek picks the one that will be published on the web.

The reports

Assignment 1:
Therac-25 vs. Therac-20 by Douglas Soo.

Assignment 2:
Distributed virtual memory by Erik Nygren.
Problems with the use of remote workstation resources by Ian Cady.

Assignment 3:
Are Threads Useful? by Eric Mumpower.

Assignment 4:
Ethernet vs. Autonet by Oleg Cheiner.

Assignment 5:
X Window and the End-to-End Argument by Becky Wagenberg.

Assignment 6:
Kerberos and Cookie Recipes by Doug Wyatt.

Assignment 7:
ATMs and Protected Information by Jonathan Litt.

Assignment 8:
Coda File System by (Raj) Surajit Sarkar.

Assignment 9:
Improving TWA's Flight Reservation System by Robert Gruhl.

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Last updated: 5/8/95