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Design project 2:
Electronic student services

This is where you will find the most up to date information on design project 2. The design project handout itself is available in PostScript or HTML form.

[PS]  Design project 2: Electronic student services

Design project 2 is due in recitation on Thursday, May 2.


We've limited the goals of the design project by cutting back what you have to do. Your system should definitely support:

2. Add/drop.
4. Updating address and phone information
5. Preregistration.
6. Registration.
7. Grades.
9. Requests for transcripts and certification-of-student-status.
Do not worry about the following services unless you have time.
1. Class schedules.
3. Lotteries.
8. Degree audits [see footnote].



Here is a list of new information regarding the design projects. Please send us mail (6.033-staff@mit.edu) if you have suggestions to add to this list.



Be sure to check this section periodically to see if new pointers have been added.


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