The 6.033 Lab:
Hacking real systems

This year, 6.033 is offering an additional elective 6-unit lab. The lab is designed to provide students with hands-on experience with concepts taught in 6.033. The lab consists of two programming projects: the implementation of a reliable network protocol and the implementation of a secure network file system. These projects will be executed on top of UNIX using Athena machines. It is assumed you are fluent with the C programming language and you have a working knowledge of UNIX tools. This term is the first time the lab will be offered, and will therefore have limited enrollment and run in pilot mode.

If you like to understand computer systems in detail, like to acquire more practical knowledge in building computer systems, have knowledge of C and UNIX, have time to earn another 6 credits, have Tuesdays and Thursdays free from 1 to 2pm, and are not afraid of being a guinea pig for a new lab, you should enroll in the lab. If you are taking 6.033 only because of its reading and writing components, you should not enroll. You do not need to take the lab to do well in 6.033.

Sign up for the lab during the first recitation on the first day of classes. The subject number for the lab will be 6.917, but please wait before registering for this subject, particularly because we may need to limit enrollment. For more information check out the "6.033 Lab Overview" handout. Note that the lab will not satisfy the Institute or department lab requirements.


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