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These lecture notes are just that--notes. They do not replace any of the readings or the lectures themselves. The best way to treat them is as a high-level summary; the actual lectures went more in depth (explained the examples, for instance) and contained other information.

The notes were written by me (Frans Kaashoek) as an aid for myself. You may find them hard to understand, so if you get confused, just ignore them. If you find them useful, good for you. In short, there are no guarantees on the correctness or quality of these notes.

The lectures are influenced by other lectures and instructors who have taught 6.033 in the past. In particular, Jerry Saltzer should be credited for many ideas and notes in 6.033; he has been the brain behind 6.033 for most of the last 25 (or more) years. Also, many thanks to Ed Kohler for making sure that the notes are readable. Any errors are, of course, my responsibility.

If you have any comments, please send them to me.



Choosing "[PS]" will fetch a PostScript version of the notes. They are also available in HTML, by choosing the name of the notes.

These notes are only accessible within MIT. Please do not distribute them. They are also available in the 6.033 locker, with additional DVI versions; see /mit/6.033/1996/lecnotes/.

[PS]  Notes-1: System complexity (2/7)
[PS]  Notes-2: 6.033 lessons (2/12)
[PS]  Notes-3: Client/server and RPC (2/14)
[PS]  Notes-4: Virtual memory (2/20)
[PS]  Notes-5: Threads (2/21)
[PS]  Notes-6: Concurrency control (2/26)
[PS]  Notes-7: Networking overview (2/28)
[PS]  Notes-8: Networking: Layering (3/4)
[PS]  Notes-9: Link and network layers (3/6)
[PS]  Notes-10: The end-to-end layer (3/11)
[PS]  Notes-11: Naming overview (3/13)
[PS]  Notes-12: Naming networks (3/18)
[PS]  Notes-13: Security: Encryption (3/20)
[PS]  Notes-14: Security: Authentication (4/1)
[PS]  Notes-15: Security: Authorization (4/3)
[PS]  Notes-16: Security: Certification (4/8)
[PS]  Notes-17: Storage introduction (4/10)
[PS]  Notes-18: The I/O bottleneck (4/17)
[PS]  Notes-19: Distributed file systems (4/22)
[PS]  Notes-20: Fault-tolerant computing (4/24)
[PS]  Notes-21: Transactions (4/29)
[PS]  Notes-22: Implementing transactions (5/1)
      There will be no lecture notes for lectures 23 and 24,
      Complexity recap and Historical overview.

All lecture notes © 1996 M. Frans Kaashoek. Do not redistribute in any form.


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